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If you have been have been involved in an automotive accident with a truck, car, or motorcycle, you need to have an Atlanta car accident attorney on your side. What about when you have been hurt on the job? Atlanta personal injury attorney Sutton Slover is there to lend his advice and helping hand when you need it.

With years of dedicated legal experience, he has been able to assist numerous clients in getting the compensation they are entitled to.

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

Don’t let an insurance company settle quickly on your personal injury or car accident claim – Sutton Slover investigates all surrounding circumstances to provide you the full amount of money you deserve.

Georgia law allows you to recover medical expenses, lost wages, and more from your insurance policy and the insurance company of the at-fault driver. In addition, if you have suffered a wrongful death due to a work-related injury or tragic auto accident, you may be entitled to claim funeral expenses and other compensation.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer – Sutton Slover

Sutton Slover knows how to find what you are allowed to claim. He has the resources to personally investigate your claim and find out what money you might be missing out on. In addition to car accidents, Sutton also represents trucking accident victims. He handles cases throughout Georgia including Macon and Valdosta.

The offices of Sutton Slover are ready to help you. It’s important that you contact an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney right away after your accident. Call us today at (404) 768-0292. Give us the details of your case and we will give you a way to get your life back in order.